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Beeble and Blink go global

My new app. picture book went ‘live’ this weekend.

Beeble and Blink’s first book of COLORS¬†was published as a 5 page free preview on the Interactive Touch Books App site.

I had imagined that releasing it early as a free preview – showing the first 5 pages – might prove to be a very useful marketing tool.

My expectations were vastly exceeded when I realised that over 50,000 readers have automatically received it into their library this weekend.

Hence the frantic ratings. Ga Gunk which has done quite well in the 8 weeks that it’s been out has totalled 34 ratings.

In the few hours that COLORS was available it has already shot to over 100 ratings with the majority being 3 stars and over.

I must really put the hours in now to have all the rest of the book available in around 2 weeks time.

It’s a total joy to work on, so I’m hoping I can pass this on the the users in their experience of the book.