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Photo repair and re-touching in Photoshop

A pro-bono job for a friend. Took around 14 hours in total to clean up this favourite family photo.

Brand new Picture book App. available now

Available now on the Apple Appstore …
 The full version of my COLORS book.
Get it on this link below …

Beeble and Blink’s book of COLORS


Also, a brand new website dedicated to the two little robot friends …
Take a look on this link …


Please check them out and if you have any children who would like to participate in the puzzles, games and colouring-in pages, then please share this.

Brewery poster, clips and labels

The graphic design work I do for various breweries is very important to me.

I trained as a graphic designer, specialising in Illustration and after weeks of illustration work I always enjoy coming back to the discipline of design.

Plus I get to sample all the beers!

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Vitamin Packaging

Orange, Echinacea and Elderberry – bursting with super-fruit goodness and healthy properties.

These three realistic illustrations were commissioned by a design/branding company for a well known high street supplement brand.

As soon as the products hit the shelves I’ll post some images of the pack design as they always look a little lost in isolation like this.

Meanwhile there are exciting plans afoot for a complete revamp of the Hot Frog web design which will incorporate this blog and much much more.

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Beeble and Blink go global

My new app. picture book went ‘live’ this weekend.

Beeble and Blink’s first book of COLORS was published as a 5 page free preview on the Interactive Touch Books App site.

I had imagined that releasing it early as a free preview – showing the first 5 pages – might prove to be a very useful marketing tool.

My expectations were vastly exceeded when I realised that over 50,000 readers have automatically received it into their library this weekend.

Hence the frantic ratings. Ga Gunk which has done quite well in the 8 weeks that it’s been out has totalled 34 ratings.

In the few hours that COLORS was available it has already shot to over 100 ratings with the majority being 3 stars and over.

I must really put the hours in now to have all the rest of the book available in around 2 weeks time.

It’s a total joy to work on, so I’m hoping I can pass this on the the users in their experience of the book.

Wensleydale cheese label

Kicked off this year by finishing off a very nice job for the guys at Chilli Design. 

The crop shown here is about a third of the total illustration which was a slight departure in style for me in an attempt to try and capture a certain look and feel required by the client. It worked well and should be seen up and down the country on labels. POS and van livery.

So, if in a few months time you see these cows and sheep flying past you on the M1, remember you saw it here first folks.

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A new year a new picture book app!

Here’s to a wonderful 2012
I’m now working on a few follow up book apps. and the first in line is a series of ‘first’ books of Colour, Shapes, Numbers and ABC.To host this fun series I’ve been working on a couple of brand new characters that we’ve decided to call Wiz Bods.I say we, as they were developed during lots of play and drawing sessions with my little nephew Gian.At the moment there are just two Wiz Bods, namely Beeble and his friend Blink.I’m hoping that they flourish and that they feature in their very own stories in future.My first flurry of commissioned work has arrived and needs must, so these little fellas will have to wait a while before they go ‘live’.