Beeble and Blink’s first book of Colors

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My second Picture Book App, initially released as a free download in March 2012 and subsequently broadcast to over 55,000 readers. Beeble and Blink very quickly clocked up 1500 ratings.

The full, paid-for version followed in April and has been steadily selling through Spring and Summer and to date has been read well over 4500 times.

Here are some of the great comments about the book …

“Best ever!!!” – Doug

“My kids love this. We hope to be able to see the finished book.” – Sarah

“Good fun & educational” – Yvonne

“Love it awesome interactions” – Lexie

“This was fun my granddaughter really enjoyed it…” – Necole

“It’s cute and I love how interactive it is!!” – Wanda

“Awesome way to learn colors” – Rebeccah

“love it” – Whitney

As well as the supporting website I’m also developing some picture book stories for these characters.

At the moment I’m building a cast of other exciting characters.

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Download on Interactive Touch Books